Olly Ohlson

To whom it may concern,

We have been using a dairy effluent treatment system supplied by BioRemedies Limited on our farm at Hokitika. This was the first full season of use after a three month trial from last season where we found it extremely beneficial.

What we have noticed is a distinct decrease in pond odour along with an increase in our pasture growth and pasture quality. We are spraying approximately 20% of our farm with the treated effluent and have achieved a 4% increase in milk solid production.

Stock are eating the treated pasture much harder as compared to untreated pasture.

BioRemedies have carried out both herbage and brix testing and the results have been much more than we expected. The last brix test carried out also included a paddock where we have spread urea and we found the results from the effluent treated paddocks are very comparable

to the paddock with the urea.

We are looking forward to continuing our success with BioRemedies products next season.

Olly Ohlson, Farm manager, Hokitika

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