BioRemedies Product

BioRemedies uses bacteria sourced from North America to enhance the breakdown of the effluent going into the pond.

By increasing the "good bacteria" in the pond, BioRemedies products harvest the locked up nutrients needed to improve your pasture.

If a pond stirrer is also being used this increases the effluent breakdown.

When sprayed out onto the pasture, the improved effluent also helps breakdown the effluent left on the pasture by the cows.

With improved nutrients being sprayed out onto the pasture the grass roots are able to get down deeper to the trace elements locked up in the soil.

With BioRemedies helping to improve the root structure of the grass and helping to open up the soil, more worm activity and better water retention is achieved.

BioRemedies can help improve your pasture, with improved pasture grazing dry matter, an improvement in milk production can be realized, with an improvement in pasture recovery also.

We quote for 3 months or more.
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