Dairy Effluent Management

BioRemedies is a company dealing with the growing problem of dairy effluent.

Using Bioremediation to help control the problems with ponds and the ongoing problems with dairy effluent.

Helping with the control of the effluent in the pond BioRemedies also helps with odour control.

BioRemedies has a management programme to effectively manage your effluent pond and increase the nutrient value of the effluent to be more cost effective.

Ponds now have less crusting and do not have to be cleaned out as often, saving you money.

We quote for 3 months or more.

Do your cows do this when you spray out your effluent?

Cows eating treated grass

These cows are on the right hand side eating grass sprayed with effluent treated by Bioremedies. Why not give them the best feed you can?

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